How would it feel to wake up everyday excited about going to work? 
Imagine feeling...
  • Eager to collaborate with your colleagues who respect you
  • Appreciated and validated by your boss and teammates
  • A sense of belonging in a healthy, productive, and encouraging workplace
  • Motivated by the great alignment between what you love to do and the work you do everyday
  • Comfortable with the life your salary allows you to lead
You know that it’s possible to have all of these things, but right now all you feel is stuck, unappreciated, devalued, disrespected, and most of all unsure of what’s next.
You know it’s time to leave this job, but something is keeping you from breaking away and landing that job you know you’ll love.
You're thinking...
“I’ve plateaued in my current role and I don’t even KNOW what I should look for next!” 
“Well yeah, but how do I know I could even measure up to the hundreds of other applicants competing for the job I want?” 
“I haven’t done a job interview in YEARS. I have no idea what they might ask or how I should respond.”
“I am overwhelmed by the idea of fitting a job transition into my life right now. I wouldn’t know the first place to start, let alone know what job I should be looking for.” 
“My resume is a hot mess, there’s no way I can submit that anywhere and have them take me seriously.”
“What if I actually get an amazing job and then it turns out to be just another terrible workplace? How do I keep from making the wrong decision?” 
I'm here to tell you, you've got it all wrong!
While all of those doubts and fears whispering in your ear are very real and want to protect you, you can't let fear and doubt drive the bus! They don’t have to hold you back from pursuing what will make you truly fulfilled.
And if you keep letting the fear and doubt talk you out of chasing something better, then I can say with certainty, you will stay stuck in the horrible job with the horrible people making horrible pay. 

Or, perhaps worse yet, you’ll make a rash decision in an attempt to run away from your current job and take anything to make a change. And after the shine wears off, you’ll come to realize you’re stuck in the same (or worse) position.
This is not what I want for you. 

You can have something different. Something better.
Now is the time to act!
And the good news is, a few small steps make a MASSIVE difference!

The Career Blueprint Academy

The Career Blueprint Academy is a comprehensive course for intentional career builders that want to find meaningful work that they love, and get paid what they’re worth.

This is a self-guided course - but don’t worry, you’re not alone! The program features instructional videos, templates, industry insider resources, and exclusive options for one-on-one coaching with me. 

The Career Blueprint Academy will help give you the direction, resources, confidence, and momentum to find a job that you love.
Before I get into the nitty-gritty of what The Career Blueprint Academy offers, allow me to introduce myself
Hi, I'm Chrissy!
I started career coaching in 2014, helping purpose-driven professionals break free from toxic work environments and reclaim a career of meaning and purpose.
I know from experience how taxing it can be to work in an environment that consumes. you. in. the. worst. way.
As I entered the professional world after graduate school, I found that many of the organizations at the leading edge of issues I cared about were unnecessarily challenging places to work.

On paper, I had amazing roles and was able to work on transformational projects that made a real difference in the world. The problem was in the day to day operating culture, and the negative impact it was having on my mind, body, and spirit. Everyone was overworked, underpaid, yelled at constantly, and conditioned to distrust one another. 
It was all so confusing - I loved the work I was doing…why couldn’t I just be a team player and get past everything else?
As problems advanced, the rest of my life fell away. I could not tear myself away from my work email for fear of missing an assignment. 

I lost all confidence in my ability to do my job well, despite being a highly competent, effective, and influential employee. 

As a young professional, I assumed all workplaces were like this.

After one particularly bad day, I knew I had to get out as soon as possible. And so I took my eye off asking myself what I really wanted and just focused on RUNNING AWAY.

The next job I got took me out of one bad environment and put me straight into a different type of dysfunction. And of course, I brought all my emotional baggage from my last job, setting myself up to fail.
On the brink of total burnout and a medical catastrophe, I finally realized I had to diabolically shift my relationship with work. And it had to start with me.
By setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing myself, I have been able to build a career that is the best expression of my strengths and talents.

The whole process is draining! For your energy and your sanity. It can feel easy to just grin and bear it, and then 15 years goes by and you’re stuck wondering what life could have been had you just been willing to give yourself a chance.
That’s where The Career Blueprint Academy comes in.
Not only do we dive deep into your personal motivations for transitioning your career, but we also give you the practical know-how on exactly what steps you need to take to get you moving in the right direction.

Take a Peek Inside The Career Blueprint Academy...
The Career Blueprint Academy is a all-inclusive course that covers the 6 key phases of your career transition journey. It takes you from envisioning to planning to decision making to concrete action with videos, resources, and a compassionate community. This course is entirely self-guided, so you are free to go at your own pace.
Welcome to The Career 
Blueprint Academy
Exploring What's 
Next in Your Career
Preparing for
a Job Search
Cover Letter & Resume Fundamentals
Your Interview
How to Make Money through Rock Solid Negotiation
Tackling Common Job
Search Challenges
Module 1: Welcome to The Career Blueprint Academy
In Module 1, you'll learn how to effectively use the workspace and get access to our supportive community. This might not be the most fun step, but it will set you up for success when you get into the meaty modules!
We'll Cover: 
  • How to Use the Work Space
  • How to Get Access to Slack
Module 2: Exploring What's Next in Your Career
In Module 2, we dive deep into your mindset! Most people skip this step in their career transition journey, but understanding why you are making your decisions helps you uncover the root of your discontent and prevent you from winding up in this situation in the future.
We'll Cover: 
  • Your Motivation for Making a Job Change
  • Introspective Visioning to Find Your Purpose
Module 3: Preparing for a Job Search
In Module 3, you'll get a ton of job search tools and tactics to help you be successful. Filled with checklists, worksheets, and trackers, this module was designed to help you stay organized and focus in your transition. You can finally let go of all that overwhelm that comes with finding a new job and follow the steps laid out for you! 
We'll Cover: 
  • What Steps You need to Take First
  • How to Determine Your Job Search Priorities
  • How to Decide Which Job Application Should Be Focused On First
  • How to Track Your Job Applications
Module 4: Cover Letter & Resume Fundamentals
In Module 4, we reveal the secrets to creating fantastic cover letters and resumes that stand out from the crowd. Not only will you get practical templates, but we'll dive deep into what job recruiters are looking for when they look at your application and why the details matters!
We'll Cover: 
  • The Core Competency Approach to Creating Cover Letters
  • What is an ATS Optimized Resume and Why it's Important
  • Exactly What Your Cover Letter Should Look Like (and some Hints on What to Say)
  • How Job Recruiters View Your Resume and How to Stand Out
Module 5: Your Interview Strategy
In Module 5, we cover the nitty-gritty on the most stressful part of the process - the interview. You'll get an in-depth look at the interview process and how to approach your interview with confidence and competence. By the time you finish this module, you will feel at ease knowing what the process looks like and how you can leverage it to your advantage!
We'll Cover: 
  • What You Can do to Prepare for Your Interview
  • What to Wear so that Your Comfortable and Professional
  • How to Develop Confident Answers to Interview Questions
  • Five Ways to Make a Great First Impression
  • The Various Types of Interviews You'll Encounter
  • How to Introduce Yourself so that You're Memorable
  • 5 Interview Questions You Must Answer Effectively
  • 7 Follow Up Questions and Why They Work
  • 9 Common Types of Interview Questions and Why They are Asked
Module 6: How to Make that Money through Rock Solid Negotiation
In Module 6, we dive deep into salary negotiations. This is a step that has a lot of emotion and fear wrapped up in it, but not anymore! We will eliminate that fear and give you the confidence you need to approach a salary negotiation like a boss. Not only do you get valuable videos that dive deep into the details, but you will get worksheets and calculators that you will refer back to time and time again. The value that you get in this module alone is enough for the entire course! 
We'll Cover: 
  • How to Have a Conversation about Salary with Confidence
  • Common Negotiation Fears and How to Overcome Them
  • What is a Walk Away Point and Why You need One
  • How to Delay Disclosing Your Salary (and Why This is Important)
  • Deflection Responses When You're Pressured to Provide Salary Requirements
  • What are Your Compensation Priorities
  • What's the Difference Between Salary and Compensation
  • How to Calculate Your Current Total Compensation Package
  • Salary Data Resources and How to Use Them
  • How to Calculate Your Market Value
  • How to Calculate Your Walk-Away Point
Module 7: Tackling Common Job Search Challenges
In Module 7, we expose common job search challenges and give you the strategies you need to overcome those challenges. While transitioning your career can be exciting, it can also be overwhelmingly terrifying. This module helps you handle whatever your job search might throw at you and come out stronger on the other side.
We'll Cover: 
  • How to Handle the Stress of Your Current Job and a Job Search
  • What to Do When You Get a Job Offer, but May Be Expecting a Better One
  • What to Do When Your Boss Beats Your New Job Offer
  • How to Handle being Ghosted After an Interview
  • What to Do When You've Applied for a Ton of Jobs, but Haven't Heard Anything Back
The Career Blueprint Academy guides you through the process of making a mindful and intentional job transition.
Going through a job transition is intense (and kind of scary). I want you to feel confident and supported so that you avoid another workplace fiasco and find a job you love.

Because of that, our course walks you through the introspection, visioning, and planning that allow you to confidently make decisions and take the practical actions that support your direction.
This entire course is available for a one time low price of $395
Enroll in The Career Blueprint Academy and you'll have:
Better Direction
You’ll have done the work to make sense of the many options out there, and you’ll know which one is best for you at this juncture.
More Confidence
You can walk into an interview with ease knowing exactly what you’re going to say and how to handle the things you didn’t expect.
More Time
Stop Googling all of your career transition questions and simply reference your program material whenever you’re in need.
Reduce your overwhelm, jumpstart your progress, and help you land that job where you’ll love to stay.
No time limits on this course: when you enroll in The Career Blueprint Academy you get LIFETIME ACCESS.
That means you get access to the wealth of information that we have now and any additional resources we add later.
We built this course specifically for you, if you are…
  • Sick and tired of working in a job where you feel demoralized, demotivated, and disrespected.
  • ​Ready to do some soul searching and put in the work to determine your best next step.
  • ​Finished convincing yourself that your job isn’t THAT bad, even if it’s all you ever think about.
But this course is not for everybody. It may not be for you if you're...
  • Skeptical that there’s a job out there you’re ever going to really enjoy.
  • Waiting for your dream job to just fall into your lap without you having to fight for it.
  • ​Resigned to just keep your head down until your current job eventually gets better.
It’s time to stop working in a job that brings you down…
Life is short. The right job is out there for you, right now. When you enroll in The Career Blueprint Academy, you are giving yourself the chance to find and claim the job you’ll love.

If you’re reading this right now, then you already have the aspiration; give yourself the tools to turn that inspiration into action.
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